Benefits Of Using

Buying From Us

Sellers can't cancel or choose not to ship your order due to price spikes

Sellers can't sell counterfeits, we inspect all the cards before they're allowed to be listed

Multiple sellers of cards in your cart? You never need to pay more than $3.65 for basic shipping, even internationally

Non-retail websites like this one are routinely cheaper for buyers than retail websites

Selling With Us

Starting an account is free, and so is joining the SpeedMTG Direct sales program

Withdrawal fees are $0 and 0%, and our selling fees are only 10%

With our free direct sales program, you can send your cards in to us where we handle packaging, shipping, and customer service for the customers that buy your cards

Pay shipping to send your cards in to the direct sales program, then you never need to pay to ship to the customer - We do the work to get the cards to the customer

You can prepare for price spikes by listing your your copies of a card at escalating prices. Think that Siege Rhino is finally going to go up? List each copy at different prices, such as $2, $3, $4, and $5 per and stay ahead of the rest of the competition

You may op-int to our rental program to rent out your cards to verified accounts

Becoming A Merchant

Get approved for up to $15,000 in trading margin at as low as 4%/year

Get access to buying, selling, and more automatically through our API

Rent cards from users that opt-in to the rental program

Although there's no Options or Futures bought and sold directly on this site, you can use our software to write your own Options or Futures for your customers in your store