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Our price history is available to both free and paid users. You can view price charts that help you decide on valuations.

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Make Extra Spending Cash Before Christmas

Trading Magic cards with people physically has always been an uphill climb with time commitments and prohibative shipping and wait times. All of those disappear with our service and all you're left with is the profit you deserve.

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Stop Turning Your Time Into Money Hour By Hour - Turn Your Money Into More Money

Have you ever run into trouble turning your 'specs' into a profit? With our platform buying and selling is instant and easy, leaving nothing between you and buying low and selling high.

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You can buy and sell instantly with the knowledge that your cards are kept in escrow with us. This means other users cannot charge back, cancel shipment, or send false tracking information. Your trades are safer than ever when you trade with us.


Selling? Increase Card Sale Velocity

Are you a small time trader? Look to us to start selling.

  • All prices set by users
  • No lost profits due to unexpected shipping expenses
  • Completely insured

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Buying? Acquire Cards Efficiently

No longer pay multiple charges for shipping from different sellers. You can buy 100 $0.10 cards from 100 different people and still only pay $2 shipping to get it all to you.

  • Orders never cancelled due to price spikes
  • Tracking and insurance available every time
  • Freedom from cart-style checkouts

Trade For Free, Or Upgrade For Access To Extra Tools

Anyone can buy or sell without paying a subscription fee or flat listing fee. Our only fee for free users are small commission percentages.



Unlimited Buying And Selling

  • 24/7 Open Trading
  • No Credit Card Required
  • No Obligation

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Merchant Services


One Time Fee, Great For Stores Or Big Sellers

  • 1% Selling Premium
  • Priority Inventorying
  • Price, Purchase, Listing API

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Join The Revolution

Something remarkable happens when both buyers and sellers are able to list their own price. Prices previously considered 'retail' move closer to buylist. Prices previously considered 'buylist' creep closer to retail. The point in the middle where they meet is the fair value of your card. No longer do you have to lose value when selling, or pay the arbitrary retail markups when buying.

4 Years Of Magic: The Gathering Business

We've created and other sites for Magic: The Gathering over the past 4 years we've been in business. We understand the value in your Magic cards.

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Browse our prices and you'll find we have the best prices for buyers and sellers.

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Prices Created Fairly

Both the buyers and sellers on our site are the price determiners. Buyers only pay when the price is right and sellers only list for prices they're happy with!

Counterfeit Protection

Our inventory manager has 8 years experience in Magic: The Gathering, is a referee for the game called a Level 1 Judge, and has already handled over $200,000 in Magic: The Gathering transactions over just the past year alone. Each card sent in is inspected and nothing gets through our high magnification and 8-point inspections.

Available Internationally

We don't ban, paygate, or stop anyone from using our services just because they are outside Canada where we operate. If you want to sell to us, send us cards by following the card deposit guidelines and be ready to start selling fast! We don't charge any extra fees or taxes based on card origin or any other reason.

Easy Payment Portals

We accept Paypal with 0% fees, Bitcoin with 0% fees, and can deposit out in the same forms. We also let you withdraw directly to a bank account on the withdrawals page.

Buy, Sell, Or Speculate - All At The Best Prices

No matter what you're doing with Magic: The Gathering cards, we're sure you'll enjoy your experience. We actively develop the site and monitor feedback so if you have a suggestion we can make it's implementation a reality. Talk to our live staff on weekdays using the TalkBox in the bottom right of the trading or account page.

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